How to Measure Ingredients

Shared by Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch

The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows how to properly measure ingredients.

Violet Wilkins - Friday, Feb 14 at 5:47 AM
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kevin bear - Jan 30, 2020
very nice, but in truth, i love the European measuring method, which goes by the gram and didn't have different sizes of read a more interesting blog.
Dianec craft - Jan 27, 2020
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Zack Rosenfeld - Jan 11, 2020
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R W - Sep 19, 2019
Retha Hand - Aug 21, 2019
I have just watched the video and inspired to see your method of measuring ingredients. I am writing my blog with the assistance of source to share tips like you in the form of articles.
Amanda Ruane - over a year ago
For S.M. - just measure 1/4 each 3 times.
Mary R Morris - over a year ago
I measured 1/2 cup with 1/4 -a total 3/4 of cup
Sharon Maynard - over a year ago
Why isn't there a measuring spoon for 3/4 ?
Nancy Finnegan - over a year ago
Go to the Goodwill store and buy some measuring utensils if you can't afford them. Good measurements are a must in proper cooking.
Bob Katz - over a year ago
How can you guess at measurements not having a measurements utensils? What is a pinch? .5oz liquids / powders / hurbs??
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