pinch tips: How to Shuck, Cook, and Cut Corn

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Aww shucks! Cooking and preparing corn has never been easier thanks to the Just A Pinch Test Kitchen.

Charlotte Carlile - Nov 13, 2018
No, and no and really, NO. Every now and then there are worms in corn. I've found them more than once. I realize it's just extra protein, and if you don't mind cooking it this way, go ahead. But me? Nope.

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Molly Harry - Jul 5, 2017
GREAT idea
Linda J Solomon - Jul 4, 2017
Grateful to have been enlightened about a much easier way to strip the corn's clothes from the cob! :)
Bobby Judy Spencer - Aug 16, 2016
OH my goodness, what a good idea
pat giorni - Jul 26, 2016
I've cooked and shucked corn a la your video....BUT using a bundt pan as corn holder AND cut kernel catcher...PURE GENIUS!
Boo Chura - Jul 26, 2016
We just did this a few days ago. Dang so simple yet corn was just the right texture. I don't care for over cooked veggies, but this corn on cob was fantastic. Was sorry we didn't have more. Hoping our local corn growers will be picking in next few weeks, so we can do this again.
Leila Rockwell - Oct 27, 2015
I learned a lesson out of this video. Thank you. I had never thought of heating the corn in the microwave first.
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