pinch tips: How to Peel Tomatoes

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Thanks to the Just A Pinch Test Kitchen, peeling tomatoes is a breeze.

Gloria Fustino - Sep 4, 2017
Gloria Fustino - Seconds Ago
When growing up, my mom and I used to Can tomatoes and this is how we removed the skins. Well except for the fact that we didn't have a lot of ice so we just used cold water- they peeled fine.
shirley Wilhelm - Jul 30, 2016
I tried to read the answers to the questions , it would lead me to anything but the answers?
donna sabol - Dec 30, 2015
Yes the timing needs to be expressed better! Seasoned cooks know it is a short time or as one sees a curdling to the peel but timing is everything!
Terry Jordan - Nov 12, 2015
Yes, this tip is very helpful except for leaving off the time to boil & shock. =(
Diane H - Nov 5, 2015
Great video but how long you leave the tomatoes in the boiling water?
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