pinch tips: How to Clean Stainless Steel Sinks

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Your stainless steel sink will sparkle when you follow these tips from the Just A Pinch Test Kitchen.

Roxann Clark - Dec 22, 2017
so many ideas on how to clean your stainless all works I guess.
Sue Sanders - Dec 22, 2017
I scrub mine with flour, rinse then dry. Guess could use vinegar to disinfect then rinse and dry with cloth. (after scrubing with flour.)
Jacqueline Valdez - May 3, 2017
I couldn't even play the video, it gave me a message stating: "No levels to play" No clue what that means!! But personally I use a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (equal parts of however much you want to make). Just mix them into a soupy paste then "drizzle" on the surface you want to clean with a teaspoon or whatever or just put some on a soft cleaning cloth, and rub on the surface, let sit for about 2-3 minutes then wipe down with a wet cloth. All done!! It works on stainless (sinks, eating utensils etc.), glass (drinking glasses, mirrors etc.), ceramic (my bathroom sink and tub), chrome (all my faucets and fixtures) you can even use it on your stove top!! (around the burning coils and or glass tops) And this is a TON-A-MONEY SAVER. No more having to buy "this and that" kind of cleaner because THIS DOES IT ALL!
Bruce Lambert - Mar 28, 2017
The best I have found is Barkeepers friend. Sprinkle on lightly scrub all the stainless let set for a couple of minutes and rinse. That easy. Works on glass, sinks, tubs. chrome, copper, stainless pots and pans. inexpensive, I get mine at Home Depot. But its sold in many places.
Sea Sun - Dec 18, 2016
Vinegar, baking sofa, and a Magic Eraser
Cramer Kay - Nov 16, 2016
Could you use this method to clean and polish stainless steal appliances?
Bruce Haskin Sr - Nov 16, 2016
Why lemon juice and vinegar? Start with vinegar, baking soda, etc. Save the lemon juice for food recipes.
lissa b - Sep 2, 2016
I use rubbing alcohol and it works like a charm!
Carol Harpel - Aug 12, 2016
Soft Scrub.....
Bonnie Tolle - Jul 17, 2016
just spray it with WD40 & wipe!
kj petersen - Jul 17, 2016
Seems like too much work...
Kathleen Krywokulsky - Feb 25, 2016
I will try this. My sinks is 40?years old and needs all the help it can get
Barbara Niosi Bhan - Jan 25, 2016
another good and easy tip
Sunshine Moe - Jan 4, 2016
forgot after rub with cloth
rinse sink then
dry with towel

so sorry
Sunshine Moe - Jan 4, 2016
spray with lemon juice
dust with baking soda
rub with cloth
dry with towel
polish with vinegar
shine with baby oil
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