pinch tips: How to Debone a Chicken

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Easily debone a chicken using these tips from the Just A Pinch Test Kitchen.

Deborah Carter - Mar 14, 2018
I have been cutting up whole chickens for over 50 years and that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. To properly bone a chicken breast you start at the keel bone and remove toward the ribs, that way it pretty much peels off, you barely have to use the knife and it gets all the meat off.
ann schermer - Jan 26, 2017
This should be renamed to How to Debone a Chicken Breast.
Michael Boudreaux - Jul 23, 2016
me too I thought this would keep the chicken intact. I give a Thumbs Down :-(
Stephen Delroy - Jan 28, 2016
I thought this would show how to de-bone while keeping the chicken intact