pinch tips: How to Grate Cheese for Easy Clean Up

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The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shares tips for grating cheese.

Sheryll Lyn - Sep 9, 2018
Wow! I wasted ten minutes of my time on this. First of all, the spray only will last the first couple of swipes and really.....duh, the food processor! Like anyone that has one surely must already know that one. I like others, just wash my box grater with hot water. Easy peasy!!!!
Sylver Starduster - Jan 20, 2018
I don’t mind grating cheese, in fact I can sit there & zone out while doing it. My family enjoys fresh grated cheese. When you buy grated cheese at store, it has a little bit of flour added to it to keep it from sticking together in packaging. Yuck! ALSO freezing cheese makes it crumbly. Just an added plus to ensure your family a a delicious meal. Grate your own!
Trent Schermerhorn - Dec 29, 2017
No video and not tablet friendly site overall. Too bad
Doris Flynn - Nov 6, 2017
I use my food processor all the time for grated cheese as I buy in bulk and then grate or slice the cheese all at once and then freeze it. I just rinse the food processor parts in hot water and then put in the dishwasher no problem.
Jacqueline Valdez - May 3, 2017
Hallelujah Lisa Popst--I only use my food processor for when doing multiple things, not just one!! And I thought the food processor would make things in the kitchen easier....HA! the jokes on me!
Jacqueline Valdez - Mar 23, 2017
HOT, hot water usually does the trick for easy cleaning of a lot of things and I've found that as far as spray goes using 100% PURE COCONUT OIL works better than Pam or any other spray. And it doesn't leave behind that coconut taste!!!
Gail Mahnke - Mar 9, 2017
I had to load the video twice befoe it actually started.
Suggest cooling grater in fridge also before using.
Gail Mahnke - Mar 9, 2017
I had to load the video twice befoe it actually started.
Suggest cooling grater in fridge also before using.
Inez Clarke - Feb 21, 2017
All I saw was a stainless steel grater ... standing alone and a whole lot of annoying repetitious music. That's one minute out of my life that has been wasted.
Phil Pace - Nov 26, 2016
Don't like the overspray of Pam? Put the pan on the dishwasher rack and then spray it. All the overspray is now in the dishwasher...
Denise Doyle - Oct 5, 2016
That's exactly what I was thinking, most food processors are a pain to use and clean so only use it when necessary. Hand grating cheese is never a big deal to me even if I have to shred a lot. And when I'm in a hurry, I just buy the cheese already grated, ta-da!
marcy lamphear - Sep 21, 2016
Run the grater under hot water right after grating it will rinse right off no problem
Blondie Pussycat - Sep 20, 2016
Lisa~that's what I was thinking. Cleanup is the hardest part of cooking to me, so I think ahead to avoid extra bowls or pans to clean. I use cooking spray in bowls, on plates, etc, to make cleanup easier. Now some people may have kids or spouses to cleanup, but I don't. Also I hand-wash my dishes (with playtex gloves, of course.)
Lokeli Loke - Sep 6, 2016
spray the grater with pam or such before using.
Marianne Bruett - Sep 6, 2016
I missed the tip - all they did was show 3 examples of grating cheese! What is the tip?
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