pinch tips: Slow Cooker/Crock Pot Hints

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Linda Baker - Dec 7, 2017
Crock pot liners are the best thing ever! No muss No fuss! Added bonus, they support Labels For Education!
Carol Harpel - Mar 3, 2017
The most important bit of information is -- Do NOT lift the lid, doing so totally defeats the purpose of using your Crock Pot- slow cooker....
AND, the vegetables go on the BOTTOM - then the meat ----- Use your instruction manual!!!!
Carol Harpel - Mar 3, 2017
geri stevens -- scroll UP....
geri stevens - Nov 30, 2015
Can't see the bottom bit of the screen so the print instructions are amputated, so to speak.
Crock Pot Sweet Ham Recipe

Crock Pot Sweet Ham

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