How to Keep Knives Sharp Like a Pro

Shared by Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch

Thanks to these tips from the Just A Pinch Test Kitchen your knives will always be sharp!

Andy Anderson ! - Oct 10, 2018
Rhonda, I just noticed in the video that she is holding the knife wrong. The sharp edge of the blade should be facing the direction of movement. Unless I am just looking at the video wrong.
Rhonda E! - Oct 10, 2018
I have given this considerable thought and I tried to do it this way and I have come to the conclusion that this is wrong for me and totally opposite of the way I sharpen my knives and awkward. I will not be sharpening my knives with an outward motion but an inward motion that gives me more control of the knife and I am not afraid of cutting myself. This is to awkward if you ask me.
Andy Anderson ! - Sep 10, 2018
Rhonda :-)
Rhonda E! - Sep 10, 2018
Sooo, all these years I have been doing it backwards?
Andy Anderson ! - Jun 24, 2017
J, you're right. Although most people refer to that device as a "sharpening" steel; in reality it's called a "straightening" steel.

FYI: They must have heard you, because the caption reads: "How to keep your knives sharp like a pro."

I put together a little illustration... pardon the crude graphics :-)

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J. White Harris - Jun 3, 2017
This video does not tell you how to sharpen a knife. It tells you how to KEEP YOUR KNIVES SHARP.
When you use your knife the edge of the blade gets bent during use. Using the steel straightens the cutting edge of the knife so that it will cut like it is supposed to.
KISHIN MIRPURI - Mar 8, 2017
I hv been using it for over 4 years i hv no problems with it
K Wynn - Jan 10, 2017
Pinch tip on how to sharpen knives like a pro would have been better if the video had used the point of view of the person demonstrating it. Hope some viewers don't find viewing that so confusing when they try to reverse that image to do it themselves, that they get mixed up and lose a thumb doing it backwards by mistake. I can't imagine a novice getting it right by viewing it from that angle. I use a wet stone to sharpen knives, and was open to trying another method, but after viewing that think I'd better stick to the stone.
Susan Sackinger - Sep 27, 2016
Just a note to Carolyn Lobb. I understand your frustration with not hearing English, but you must remember that JustAPinch is available world wide. Spanish speakers are as welcome as we are and they are constantly being force fed a foreign language since most sites are in English or one of the Asian languages. If you can't abide the occasional foreign site, there are web extensions you can get that will attempt to translate sites into English. The videos, however, are still going to be in the native language of the poster.
Carolyn Lobb - Sep 10, 2016
Just viewed an ad for pine sol which I'm not opposed to when attempting to view a recipie, what I am opposed to is that the ad was in Spanish. I am American I live in America and would appreciate not being force feed a foreign language. (Press 1 for English)
Edwin R. Seils - Aug 21, 2016
Having read the comments of both Billie and Geri, I thought you might want to look into a FREE app I found called AdBlock. Take a look at it yourself by following this link:

I've used it for over 3 years and it's far better than the built-in apps offered in most browsers. You can donate to the builders if you like, although it isn't necessary, but after using it like I have, I think you'll find it in your heart to send them a couple of dollars for the relief you'll get with this tremendous effort.
geri stevens - Jul 13, 2016
I have to agree with Billie Reece about the barrage of voice ads and other intrusive commercials. This site was once a joy to become engaged in and that isn't a distant memory but I fear we'll never enjoy those days again. Once the advertising revenue starts flowing, it's impossible to stop that bolstering of revenue.
Billie Reece - Dec 1, 2015
How I hate the fact that you never have the recipe where you can find it. There are so many other things going on that I give up on the recipe that is supposed to be featured!!
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