Tequila-Marinated Shrimp

Tequila-Marinated Shrimp was pinched from <a href="http://www.recipe.com/tequila-marinated-shrimp/" target="_blank">www.recipe.com.</a>

"To keep these tongue-tingling shrimp well-chilled during a party, place them in a bowl nestled inside a larger bowl of ice...."

2  pounds fresh or frozen medium shrimp, peeled and deveined, leaving tails intact see savings
1/4  cup olive oil see savings
3  tablespoons finely chopped onion see savings
5  cloves garlic, minced see savings
1/4  cup tequila see savings
1/4  cup lime juice see savings
2  tablespoons snipped fresh cilantro see savings
1/8  teaspoon salt see savings
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