#roses Recipes

Rose Bush - natural soil foods

In case you all were not aware of this already, I thought I would post ...

this is what could happen if you don't catch the fungus before it starts.  Keep leaves dry on your roses.

Watering roses in the morning or early in the day is important.  Never at night.

Roses - Black spot preventative & Insects

A Microscopic Fungus -- Black spots on roses appear mainly due to high humidity, and watering ...

Homemade Pesticides - Mealy Bugs

I found this works well on my rose bushes.

Homemade Pesticide - Afids

If you don't like using those pesticides from the stores, because of your children and ...

Mini Dark Roses... 4/5/12

Mini Dark Pink Roses

I love growing flowers, fresh herbs, fruits & veggies. I have to types of flowers. ...

Tomato Leaf Juice for Black Spot on Roses

This remedy has two uses. First to help with black spot on roses and second ...