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A slice of Sinful Torte on a plate with chocolate shavings.

Sinful Torte (Passover, Special Occasion)

I needed a dessert to take to a Passover meal. If you have had Passover ...

From Instagram: My dinner tonight:

Vegetable Soup in Chickenless Chicken Broth


6 or 7 halved, then quartered #locallygrown, baby gold or cut up gold #potatoes (more skin means more nutrients - leave it on)
1 14.5 oz (411g) #TraderJoe's Mirepoix: celery, carrots and onions
A tablespoon (or more, as necessary) of #Osem #Consomme (This prodect is labeled as #kosher and #parve. It has no meat and no dairy products in it.)
1 cup @barillaus elbows
Pepper to taste


1. put water, potatoes, and veggies into a large pot

2. Bring this to a boil.

3. Add pasta. Cook pasta until desired firmness is reached.

4. While pasta is still boiling, add soup mix. Bring to boil while stirring. Reduce heat to a simmer for 3 minutes.

This is a #vegan friendly soup #recipe. https://instagram.com/p/wXwbtko8Wi/

Vegetable Soup in Chickenless Chicken Broth

I have to say that this is an amazing, tasty and wholesome recipe. If you ...