#Art Recipes

Meringue buttercream, peppermint flavor

Meringue Buttercream (Swiss & Italian)

For the professional and social media cooks the meringue buttercream is a very popular way ...

French meringue kisses

French Meringue (Meringue Kisses)

French meringue is the basic meringue which many have learned to know first. Unlike the ...

Chocolate Hazelnut Yule Log

Chocolate Hazelnut Yule Log

Yule log (bûche de Noël) is a French Christmas dessert which is a cake roll ...

Pepparkaka (Nordic gingerbread) dough

Pepparkaka (Nordic Gingerbread) Dough

This is the traditional Nordic gingerbread version known as pepparkaka or pepperkakor, meaning "pepper cake". ...

DIY: Candle Making

These directions will help you make your own candles, using modern materials.