Onion & Bell Pepper Cheese Ball

Raven Higheagle


Cheese balls are a great appetizer. You can do so much to make them different and they come together so fast. Let me tell you that this version tastes amazing! The ball I brought to the party was huge and it was just about gone when I left!
I love the colors of this cheese ball too. It has green and red in the ball itself and then the outside is covered in bright, fresh parsley! Serve it with a tasty cracker or just eat it by the spoonful, just kidding, and you’ll be happy!

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Serves 10
2 Hr


2-8oz pkg
cream cheese blocks, softened
4 oz
garlic & herb feta cheese
3 c
cheddar cheese, shredded (shred this at home it will stick better in the ball)
1/4 c
green onion, chopped
1/4 c
red bell pepper, chopped finely
1/2 c
fresh parsley, chopped and dried


1Beat the cream cheese until fluffy.
2Add in feta and cheddar cheese and continue to mix.
3Add in green onion and bell pepper
4Line a large cereal bowl with plastic wrap so that there is extra hanging over.
5Put the cheese mixture into the plastic lined bowl and cover.
6Place into the fridge and chill for 2 hours or until cold and firm.
7Spread out the parsley onto a cutting board.
8Pull the cheese out of the bowl using the plastic wrap and form into a ball.
9Roll around on the parsley until completely covered.
10Place on a cheese board with crackers and serve.