garlic grilled cheese sandwiches

charlie palmer


If you've got kids, you must learn grilled cheese sandwiches. I got bored with the basic and came up with this variation. It is very texas toasty. Sometimes I add a few slices of dill pickles or a thin slice or 2 of deli turkey to enhance the flavor. I like to mix and match the cheeses, but you can't go wrong with american or cheddar.

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5 Min
5 Min


2 slice
2 Tbsp
3 pinch
garlic powder
2 slice
cheese, sliced (your choice of flavor)


1warm skillet to medium heat
2prepare sandwich by putting slices of cheese between slices of bread
3add Tbsp of butter to skillet and when it melts sprinkle in some garlic
4place sandwich in the skillet and cook until brown around the edges on the bottom
5remove sandwich and melt more butter and add additional garlic seasoning to the skillet.
6when butter is melted, place other side of sandwich down in skillet
7sandwich is done when bottom side is toasty, too

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