Cuban Sandwiches

Deb Lund


I have, on occasion, had a Cuban sandwich while I was out dining, but never tried to make them myself. My book Club just read "Mango Rain" which takes place in Cuba so we all made something Cuban. I made authentic sandwiches and they were a big hit. I was flattered by one of the attendees, who is Cuban, who told me they were as good as any she has had. Enjoy!

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Each loaf makes 16 sandwiches
45 Min
1 Hr
Stove Top


loaf of french bread not a baguette
slow roasted cuban pork sliced thin- see my recipe
honey ham
swiss cheese
dill pickle sandwich sliced


1Cut end off French bread and cut in half. Slice open like a hot dog bun.
Spread with mustard
Add Swiss cheese 4 slices, break them up so there is cheese on both sides.
Add pork slices overlapping so there is pork with each bite
Add Ham (I used Oscar Meyer deli fresh honey ham)
Add Pickles (I used Clausen vertically cut sandwich Pickles but any dill will do)
Then you smash it all together making sure nothing sticks out and give it a good push to flatten the sandwich.
2Take your flattened sandwich and place in a lightly buttered pan and use something to weigh it down. The traditional way is with a brick but because I was doing two sandwiches at once I used a brick in a pan shown in the picture. You can use a sandwich press. Cook till lightly browned and flip to other side to do the same.
Cut the half loaves in half and do 2 quarter sandwiches at at time. Take them out stick 4 toothpicks in and slice for small sandwiches.

About Cuban Sandwiches

Main Ingredient: Pork
Regional Style: Cuban