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About 2 weeks ago my friend Ellie and I went up to HOPE, Idaho. We spent the day on the lake and enjoyed mother nature.
While thre we had a delish lunch, and onion ring appetizer were the best we ever had! We conjoled, begged then flirted with the cook..untill we got his "secret" recipe. The restaurant has to remain a secret.While there we met another JAP cook LORETTA J. that lives in Hope. She was teaching lessons on how to sketch at the local gift store.
What a wonderful lady she turned out to be.
Last weekend she drove down for a visit with us!
BUT..here it is, the "secret"" recipe..

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5 Min
5 Min


large sweet onions
8 oz
ice cold beer
8 oz
1/8 tsp
baking soda
1 Tbsp
corn starch
of salt


1WIPE the onions off with a paper towel.
Leave the skins on and slice the end off.
Then slice the onions into about 1/4 inch wide slices..When the rings start getting small, stop cutting.
Start warming the oil...so it will be ready for your onions.
2Gently remove only the paper outer skins from onions.
Then seperate the rings into single rings, by pushing the centers out.
The center and the ends of the onion, can be chopped up and used for a salad, spaghetti sauce....et. Maybe my CREAMED ONION RECIPE !
You only want the larger rings.
3In a bowl combine the flour,salt,and baking soda...Mix well.
THen add the ice cold beer.
Mix again. you want a batter like pancake mix.
If the batter get thick, add a littl water...or more beer..you can alwys drink what is left!....LOL
Dip you rings into batter, one at a time with a fork....cook in the hot oil.in a skillet.. 2-3 at a time.
Both sides.
Drain on a paper towel, and cook more.
THey can be kept warm in a slow oven...on a cookie sheet lined with a new paper towel...till serving time.
Use a sauce of your choice.
We had catsup and mustard....mixed...wirh a couple drops of pickle juice...or Vodka..if you desire!....LOL
SERVE HOT!!!..sprinkle with sea salt.

3 rd picture is another JAP COOK Loretta, J.
from Hope, ID. and me.

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