"OVEN TATERS" & WHY NOT! It's a Snow Day & 9"

Nancy J. Patrykus


I call them my "WHY NOT-TATERS"
With 9 inches of snow on the ground today,
and still snowing.
Check all the pictures.So pretty!
I need some thing to make me feel
GOOD!!..Tee hee
Yummy , these should do it.
Baked in the oven, with very little oil. Then some spices and salt sprinkled on...
I am in "Hog Heaven"!
LET it snow,snow,snow.!!!!

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10 Min
25 Min


tater bakers
spices salt & pepper to taste
a sprinkle of oil


1Heat oven to 425 F.
You can peel taters or not...both ways work good.
Put in cold water.
Cut into strips....not to wide.
Put on a towel to dry.
Then put in a bowl.
Sprinkle a tiny amount of oil , and mix them up.
Dump all onto a cookie tray...spread out to one layer.
Bake..turning once.
Place on wire rack.with paper under the rack.
2Check the snow storm..it's not over yet.
You might need another tater!!!....

If you want a special Idaho dip..
here is a great recipe, to make, while the tatres are baking.
See number #4
3When done ..sprinkle with salt, pepper and a few spices...you like.
No snow???
Make the taters anyway!
4If you want to make the special "Utah Fry Sauce".
Here is a great recipe, check it out on JAP,
it makes up quickly,and great as a dip, also.
Very delicious, and famous here in the North West.
By: Kristy Abbott "UTAH FRY SAUCE"
Her recipe:1 part ketchup & 2 parts mayonnaise,
Mix and enjoy with the taters!
You will think you died and went to HEAVEN!
Thank you, Kristy for this recipe.

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