Hard boiled eggs in the electric pressure cooker

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I found this on the internet after a few trials and errors on making hard boiled eggs that absolutely would not peel.
You do not have to worry about the eggs being too fresh. I hear that they can be processed right out of the chicken.
These eggs peel very easy!
So I made a few batches and this is working so well. I even like the texture of the eggs better. The yolk is more flakier and they are more tender (?) if you can say that of an egg.


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1Get your electric pressure cooker set up according to your directions of your unit.

Put a trivet, metal rack or like me, a metal steaming basket, that can fold up, into the bottom of the cooker.
Add 2 cups of water.

The first couple of times, I used canning rings to keep the eggs separated, but abandoned this step.
I did not have any problems with the eggs breaking.
I decided that 10 med/large eggs was just right for my household so this is the amount I used. I used cold eggs right out of the refrigerator.
Lay the eggs on top of your trivet.
2Close the lid and lock it (according to your units directions). Plug it in.
Push the start button, and select 7 minutes.
The pressure cooker will start the countdown after it has reached the required pressure.
3So after the timer goes off. Let the cooker release the pressure slowly (about 5 to 10 minutes).Open lid and remove eggs..
4I suppose each electric pressure cooker will be a little different, so the first time you make your eggs, I would open one up and see that it is done enough.
The first time I had 6 minutes and then restarted the pressure cooker for one more minute because they were just barely done.
If your eggs are room temperature, I would shorten the time by a minute.
5These hard "boiled" eggs can be put into a bowl, let them cool and then set in the refrigerator until you need them. No need to set in ice water unless you need them right away.
6These eggs peel very easy. I tried to show in the photo, but it did not show it very well.

If you want to use 6 to 8 eggs, set the timer for 6 minutes.
10 eggs: Set timer for 8 minutes..When the 8 minutes are up, unplug immediately. Wait approx. 10 minutes..release pressure, and let sit till cool enough to remove.

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