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It's time to plant Pansies in North Alabama. It helps me to get through the long Winter days. What lovely colors they have. They call me to come outside and join them with all their beauty.

And, you can candy the little fellows, use them on top of cakes, cupcakes, or just dress up your table or plate. This takes some time but it's worth it. A neat crafty recipe. I enjoy holding these little creations in my hand.

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45 Min


20 sprig(s)
whole little pansy flower, gently cleaned
powdered egg whites, whipped
drops of 100% vodka
1 c
super fine sugar
scissors, tweezers, baking tray, waxed paper


1Cut little Pansies with scissors leaving a tiny stem to the blossom. You can hold on to the stem as you candy. Gently clean with small art brush and set aside on a tray lined with a paper towel.
2Whip the egg whites to a frothy stage, add Vodka and one tsp water.
3TO MAKE SUPER FINE SUGAR: Place the sugar in a food processor and hit the pulse button several times.
4Use tweezers to hold petals open. Paint each petal with the egg wash and immediately sprinkle with supefine sugar, kind of shake it to prevent sugar from clumping up in one spot. Cover well.
5Place flower on a wax paper lined cookie sheet, keep flowers from touching each other. When all is covered place in the oven with inside pilot light left on over night. Turn them once to redistribute the fluid in the flower. When dried they will be stiff and brittle.
6Store in air tight container. Use on cakes, cup cakes, On a serving tray etc. These are actually eatable.

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