Sauce, Spread & Seasoning Recipes

Herb Cheese Spread Recipe

Herb Cheese Spread

By Erica Zulauf
Quick, easy, savory, and most of all...yummy. I have served it on bread, on top of...

Peach & Pepper Bbq Sauce Recipe

Peach & Pepper BBQ Sauce

By Brenda Brown
Found this in a Southern Living magazine a few yrs. ago.Great for giving away for gifts.I...

Cheesy Mexican Lasagna Recipe

Cheesy Mexican Lasagna

By Jenni K
My husband wanted something with tortillas today (we had too many in our fridge that he...

Amazing Chocolate Sauce Recipe

Amazing Chocolate Sauce

By Torrey Moseley
This chocolate sauce has that WONDERFUL cooked chocolate taste (you all know what I'm talking about--really...

Fresh Peach Jelly Recipe

Fresh Peach Jelly

By Christine Yandell
Follow directions for amount and type of pectin used for making homemade jellies Also you cook the...

Raspberry Vinegar Recipe

Raspberry Vinegar

By Stormy Stewart
Use in salad recipes, beverages and sauces, or with fruits or vegetables. This recipe takes 3 weeks