spice is nice super easy nacho dip

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By Michelle Jarboe
from Peoria, IL

I love me some tex mex food! This dip is easy to whip up for the big games or the big parties. It tastes great with both chips and veggies which makes it the perfect party pleaser! I have both hot and cold versions of dip, both of which are super easy for either eating right away or warmed for just an hour in a crockpot! I love spice and this has only a medium heat, but you can spice it up with chilis or a hotter salsa!

serves 8
prep time 15 Min
method Microwave

Ingredients For spice is nice super easy nacho dip

  • 1 bag
    tortilla chips
  • 1 bag
    nacho cheese doritos
  • 1 pkg
    tgif frozen nacho topper (chicken or beef)
  • 2 pkg
    cream cheese
  • 2 pkg
    16 oz. sour cream
  • 1 jar
    nacho cheese dip
  • 1 can
    chopped tomatoes (regular or w/chilies, drained) - can sub 5 roma tomatoes, washed, chopped, and drained
  • 1/2 c
    mexican cheese
  • 1/2 c
    mexican cheese
  • topper kit chicken or beef part
  • topper kit cheese packet
  • 1 bunch
    green onions (washed, patted dry with towel)
  • 1 can
    black or green olives (finely chopped or buy prechopped)
  • 1 can
    salsa (pico de gallo or deli salsa is best, you can use fresh or mexican aisle if drained)
  • 1 pkg
    baby carrots
  • 1 bunch
    celery, washed and cut into 2-3 inch sticks

How To Make spice is nice super easy nacho dip

  • 1
    Heat up nacho topper according to box directions. Contents will be hot so remove safely from microwave. Let cool on hot pad for a few minutes.
  • 2
    Garnish #1: Reserve the cheese packet and the chicken or beef part of topper and 1/2 cup of the mexican cheese. Garnish #2 (optional): Finely chop up one bunch of green onions and one can of either black or green onions (you can buy prechopped olives to save time). Put garnish together in a separate container for now.
  • 3
    Combine the rest of ingredients in a medium size microwave safe dish (I use a microwave safe tupperware style contain so I can eat either hot or cold) or crockpot until smooth.
  • 4
    Cold dip version: Chill overnight for best flavor in a sealed container, keeping garnishes in separate containers, or you can serve right away (see serving instuctions).
  • 5
    Hot dip version: version #1 super speedy: microwave for 1 1/2 minutes (or until cheese is melted) or version #2 slow cooker: put in crock pot on low for 1 hour or until ingredients are warm and melty.
  • 6
    Serving instructions: Before serving, add on garnishes (or put garnishes in separate bowls if you have picky eaters). Arrange chips around serving dish or put in colorful bowl next to dip. Put dip container on a colorful plate or veggie tray with your celery and carrots or next to a prebought tray. Enjoy!
  • 7
    TIP: OPTIONAL CANTINA STYLE! Right before serving, heat up tortilla chips on a cookie sheet, sprinkle salt, and cook for 10 minutes in the oven at 300 degrees or on an electric skillet at 325 degrees until very lightly golden brown to get cantina crisp. After 5 minutes in the oven or on griddle, gently turn over chips and then check every few minutes to make sure you don't overcook. Test a chip al dente style to make sure it has desired heat and crispness - make sure it has cooled a bit before tasting and always be safe and remove chips with tongs. They are done when they have warmth and crispy crunchiness!
  • 8
    TIP: You can cook garnish #1 on top if everyone likes meat, otherwise reserve till before serving but if not serving right away, store and chill seperately then reheat for a minute in a microwave dish right before serving especially if using a crockpot in the meantime.
  • 9
    HIP TIP: For the artsy server, make the chilled recipe. Make a flower design or spell out the sports team using reserved olives and/or tomatoes after spreading the dip on a chilled cookie sheet and using the sour cream and olives as a final garnish so the sour cream is the contrast background, the olives are the writing, with the other layers underneath.