Serve "Jezabel" Pepper Relish over Cream Cheese, with crackers for an "Awesome Surprise".
PEPPER NOTE: This recipe was put together in September, (during the pepper-growing season, when they are getting plenty of water and not being too hot). A past experience, I found making it in October - November - December, etc. .... advise using "one-half" the amount of Jalapeno Peppers. With that past experience the peppers were so "HOT", they almost took my head off! Thus I lean towards making this relish in the Summer time, during the growing season and adjust that 'Pepper Heat' to my taste.

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Yield: 10 Half-Pints
Stove Top


4 c
'finely' chopped jalapeno peppers (i used green, reddish- green, yellow and red hot peppers) -- about 2-1/2 pounds fresh jalapeno and other hot peppers) -- see directions.
2 c
2 cups 'finely' chopped sweet peppers (i used yellow, red and orange bell peppers) -- about 1-1/4 pounds fresh bell and/or other sweet peppers) -- see directions.
4 c
'finely' chopped cucumbers -- about 4 pounds fresh cucumbers -- see directions.
2 c
'finely' chopped onions -- 1 xxl size/weighed 1 pound (the size of a soft ball.) -- see directions
1/2 c
5 1/2 c
3 c
cider vinegar
1/4 c
pickling spices -- tied in a cheesecloth bag
1 tsp
tabasco sauce or to taste -- after doing a "taste-test"


1PEPPERS: Cut stem end off the peppers, slit open long wise - devein and discard all the seeds and cut-up into small pieces. (See PEPPER NOTE:)
2CUCUMBERS: Peel the cucumbers, slice long-ways in half --- them halve those long-way halves, cut away all the seeds (large cucumbers have tough/hard seeds in the center) and cut-up into chunks. I have grown especially fond of the Armenian Cucumbers (they're very pale green with ridges running lengthwise) ….. I am going to try using these cucumbers in making this relish and would not peel them.
3ONIONS: Peel outer layer paper/skin off the onion and dice onion into 1/2 inch size pieces.
4Using a Food Processor ..... finely chop the prepared Peppers, Cucumbers and Onions (in small enough batches, so they do not go to mush) ..... and place the finely chopped vegetables into a large bowl and all of the salt. Toss all together and let the vegetables stand for 2 hours.
5Drain the vegetables thoroughly pressing on the vegetables to remove excess liquid. NOTE: I draped a light-weight dish towel over a colander .... transferred the salted veggies into it and let them drain .... then scooped-up and twisted the dish towel, around the ball of veggies, to squeeze-out the excess liquid.
6Combine the sugar, vinegar and spice bag in a large non-reactive pot (do not use an aluminum pot) ...... bring to a boil and then simmer for 15 minutes.
7Add the veggies and simmer for 10 minutes.
8At this point do your "Taste-Test": If you feel the peppers used are a little mild to your liking ..... try stirring in "1/2 teaspoon" of Tabasco sauce and do another "Taste-Test" ..... if need be, go ahead and add the remaining "1/2 teaspoon" of Tabasco sauce. Remember this is YOUR "Taste-Test", to your liking.
9Remove the spice bag ...... pack into hot sterilized jars, leaving 1/2 inch space at top of jar and seal with hot lids and rings.


Main Ingredient: Vegetable
Regional Style: Latin American