Whole Milk Substitute for Heavy Cream

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Kitchen Crew
By Kitchen Crew

All milk is, is cream that has had some fat removed. Whole milk consists of about 3.5% fat and butter consists of about 80% fat. Heavy cream has a 36% fat ratio. So, when using whole milk in the place of cream, it’s important to put fat back in to bring the fat ratio into balance. Easy to prepare, this heavy cream substitute is not meant for whipping but can be used in many different sauces, dressings, and baked goods.

serves yields 1 cup
prep time 5 Min
method Microwave


  •   2/3 c
    whole milk
  •   1/3 c
    unsalted butter

How To Make

  • 1
    Cut the butter into pats and place in a microwavable bowl.
  • 2
    Melt the butter in the microwave in 15-second intervals.
  • 3
    Stir the butter in between intervals, until just melted.
  • 4
    Pour the milk into a microwavable bowl.
  • 5
    Microwave the milk in 15-second intervals to warm the milk (2-3 times max). It needs to be a little warm, about room temperature. If the milk is too warm, stir and let sit for a couple of minutes.
  • 6
    Pour the melted butter and the milk into the blender, in that order. Blend for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • 7
    It is ready to use. Do not refrigerate or it will separate.