Kicki‘n guava marinade sauce

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By Cindy Rice
from Springfield, VT

This sauce is kickin good:) I bought a big container of guava paste( had no idea , that it was like've, I guess)..had no idea what I wanted to do with it except that I thought it'd be awesome in a stirfry( I haven't done that yet) It takes like something out of the Caribbean ( I think), NOTE: I put this on vegetables, with marinated artichokes( in a jar from the store), and added some maraschino cherry with it..some zucchini E and summer squash, and it was kicking good:) was out of mushrooms and onions:( or would've added them..hope you try it.. I think you'll love it:)

serves Plenty/depending on how much you
prep time 15 Min
method Microwave


  •   1 c
    guava paste
  •   1/8 c
    maraschino cherry juice
  •   1-2 Tbsp
    dijon mustard

How To Make

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    Note: measurements are approximate, as nothing was measured..
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    You can start with about a cup of guava paste spooned into a microwaveable container..microwave for about 30 seconds at a time, do it twice then add a little maraschino cherry juice to it, and microwave some this until you can stir it and get it to be like MOLLASSES (thickness, err on the side of want the guava flavor to stand out with just undertones of the cherry juice....
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    Once you ve got it thinned out enough but still thick enough.. Add a squirt or two of Dijon mustard to it..stir it up..spread it on veggies on the grill or on chicken in the oven or grill or whatever you think would taste good