Strawberry Fig Preserves

Don Broadhead


My mom put these up when I was living at home. I finally broke down & learned how to make them a few years back. So easy, but so good!!!

Figs start getting ripe in the 1st or 2nd week of July and continue for most of the month (or at least that's normal for around here).

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3 c
ripe figs (cut up & mashed)
3 c
1 box
strawberry jello (large box, 6 oz.)


1Depending on the size of you canner, it may take up to 30+ minutes to get the water ready to can. Get that water going & once it's boiling, sterilize your jars. For a single batch, you should need 2 maybe 3 pints. (This will vary depending on how they cook down.) Get some water boiling in a small pan to sterilize the lids.
2Cut off the stem & dice each fig into quarters or smaller. My mom uses a potato masher on the figs. Mix all ingredients together, stir & bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to medium.
3Let boil/simmer for 10 minutes, stirring often. (I turn the heat down, so I don't have to stir constantly to keep from sticking or burning.)
4Place a teaspoon of the preserves in a bowl & place in the freezer. Check after a few minutes to see how they are setting up. If the are thickening, you are ready to put them in jars. If not, place a new sample in the freezer to retest.
5Depending on your desired thickness, boil longer for a thicker preserve or shorter for a runny one.
6Pour into sterilized pint jars, filling to the top (leaving the correct air gap if canning). Cover with sterilized lid and place ring on jar.

If you are canning, please read up on the correct procedures, but the idea is to place jars in a hot water bath, boil for 10 minutes to force air in the gap from the jar. Once the jar cools, the lack of air in the gap will cause the lip to seal tightly.

If jars do not seal, just put them in the refrigerator & enjoy!!!

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