Some Thing’s To Think About…..not A Recipe.

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Some thing’s to think about…..not a recipe.

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I would love to hear what tricks you have for cooking.

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bbq sauces, juices, vinigars, cider, catchup, mustard.
tomato sauce, chocolate sauces, mexican sauce, etc.


1I have learned over the years that doing the following will make for a much tastier meal. Since I cook with a lot of juice, BBQ sauce, vinegars, tomatoes sauces etc. I try to cook down a recipe when ever I can and time permitting.

Simmer down your liquids if possible. You’ll get a much more intense flavor; I usually cook down the liquids to ½ of what I started with.

I also cook down my vinegars “ but make sure your windows are open “ trust me on this one. Balsamic vinegar gets a sweeter flavor when doing this. I also do this with white and apple cider vinegar, and apple cider.

And now this one will seem strange to some of you, but this is one thing my mom use to do. Bake catchup and mustard “ not together “ but separately. In a glass pie pan “ like Pyrex “ put 1 large bottle of catchup or 1 large jar of yellow mustard, bake 325 till it thickens and is reduced. Both condiments will be some what darker. The catchup will taste like sweet tomatoes and the mustard gets a real robust flavor. Like my mother did after cooking these two condiments I put them in the refrigerator. Not sure if they would need to be kept cold but if it was good enough for mom, I don't want to do anything different.

So you get the idea……hope this helps any new cooks just starting out…or giving an “ ah ha “ moment to you experienced cooks.

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