healthy fool-you sausage gravy

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By Debi McMurray
from Fordland, MO

I fool everyone with this. You see, it's the seasoning that makes the gravy, not the pork. Try this, you will see. You will cut down on fat, calories and you won't feel guilty. Anyone with heart disease in your family? I even have my 16 year old and his friends eat it when they come over. At Christmas, I fooled my side of the family when they came to visit. It's just better for you. I am not making that greasy sausage stuff for people anymore. It's not good for them. This is fanastic and lighter and healthier. People love it and they always go back for seconds. Try it. If you are a true pork lover, you might see a little difference but not enough to make you want to quit eating it and definitely not enough to get a heart attack over.

★★★★★ 1 Review

Ingredients For healthy fool-you sausage gravy

  • 1 pkg
    morning star organic breakfast soy patties
  • 2 pkg
    mcmormick country gravy mix
  • MILK

How To Make healthy fool-you sausage gravy

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    I start by defrosting my morning star patties. I only use about four of them. You can use more if you like your gravy really meaty.Then I put them in the skillet and use about 1 Tsp to 2 tsps of olive oil mixed with 1 tsp to 2 tsps of butter to mash it up over med. heat. Also, you will want to start by adding a little water as this is a very dry substance and you will want this to separate like sausage instead of it remaining patties. I put my patties in the fridge overnight so they will be soft as it makes them easier to seperate. I use a fork to mash them up. I start adding the butter, oil and water all at once. I start with about 1/4 cup of water for starters. Watch carefully so not to burn them as they are heating.
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    Then you will add carefully your country mix. Also, add a little salt and a lot of pepper at this point. Only start with one package of gravy mix. I only have two on hand in case I need it. This is the key to good gravy, to play around with it. Mix the mix in slowly to make a paste that is thick but not lumpy. You may add water or milk at this time if you need to but be careful on the oil or butter so as not to make greasy. After you have added one packet, start adding milk. You can use skim, 1 percent, 2 or whole. I usually use skim organic. We like our gravy on the medium side but not runny and not really thick so don't go by the package. You have only used the package for spices and thickeners. You are the gravy maker.
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    Now you will add milk and your own salt and pepper. Also, the soy adds thickener to this as well. So, as you add milk, stir and see it start to thicken, you will see how much more milk it needs or if you need more of the other package. Also, weather can affect gravy believe it or not. Some days gravy is thinner or thicker than others. I have never figured this out so some days you may need one package and others you may need one and a half and yet others you might use two. Start with about three cups of milk and as it needs more, add. I always have plenty of milk on hand but you can always add water if you run into trouble. If it gets too thin or so you think, open other package and quickly make a little paste in a bowl with milk and add to gravy. it will thicken up. It's always easy to add more to the gravy.
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    Start test tasting as it has started to thicken. If it needs more salt, add more. If it is too salty, you can always add more milk. You will find you can become a great gravy maker, it's just a matter of adding and adjusting and the thing about the package is that it's just a great starter and you add the milk and the extras. The butter and olive oil helps tremendously to make it taste home-made. If you have mashed up the patties well, people cannot tell the difference, I promise, because the spices are in there and once it's in the milk, it tastes like sausage. Just put it on a good biscuit. Yummy. People think it's the real thing. The gravy stands for itself and it is so much healthier, especially if you use fat-free organic milk as well. Play around with it, you'll see. It has stood the test of time in our family for about three years now. We make it every weekend.
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    NOTE: Don't be intimidated to become a gravy maker even if you are using a gravy packet from a mix. Add your own salt, pepper, other spices to the mix to make it your own gravy taste. I came up with the olive oil and butter. You might have another idea for your own to make it yours.

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