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This summer was the first time I'd heard of Pear Honey but I began making some. My 91 year old neighbor said she used to make it; she and her son love it. Someone gave me Pears so I have made several pints, it does have a good taste. Plus, I loved making it for them.

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Pint's worth
45 Min
1 Hr


8 c
very firm pears, peeled and chopped with food processor.
5 c
2 c
crushed pineapple, drained
1 tsp
ground ginger


1Mix all ingredients into a 5 quart stainless steel pot on medium degree stove burner. Let slowly come to slow boil. Continue to low boil until finely ground pears are tender, about 30 minutes or so.
2Turn oven on to 250 degrees F to sterilize well washed, clean pint jars. Place 7 pint jars in a 13x9x2 metal oven pan. And 7 canning flats in simmering water on eye. Have 7 canning rings ready to seal jars, Can funnel to fill jars and an eating plate to sit glass jar on while filling.
3While keeping pear honey at a slow boil, remove 1 sterilized pint from oven at a time. Sit pint on plate with canning funnel in place. Use a long ladle and ladle Pear honey into pint jar, secure flat and lid by firmly tightening lid on jar.. Sit on folded kitchen towel to cool and seal. Repeat process until all pear honey is canned. The jars will seal when you can hear a snap noise. Leave on towel until completely cold. Test lid to see if sealed by lightly pressing on center of lid, it should be secure.


Course/Dish: Fruit Sauces
Other Tag: Quick & Easy