Thyme in a bottle

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By Stormy Stewart
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Using simple ingredients like thyme, basil or sage, you can create tasty And beautiful gourmet bottled vinegar to give as gifts or keep for Yourself. thymes characteristic flavor is due to thymol, a chemical, present in it. The following are some thyme herb nutrition facts and health benefits, which you may find useful: •Thyme herb benefits are due to its antimicrobial action against various pathogens such as Staphalococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, and Escherichia coli. •It is a known preservative. Before the modern medicines, it was used as anti-fungals, to treat the fungus that attacks toe-nails. •One of the thyme herb benefits is its anti-septic quality. For this reason, you can use it against sty, pink eye or conjunctivitis. •It can also be used to clean cuts and scrapes. As an effective antiseptic it prevents microbes taking roots in the opened skin. •This wonderful herb can effectively tackle lice infestation. •Thyme herb, when eaten raw, can be of tremendous help in taking care of gastroenteritis. •Thyme herb has anti-spasmodic properties. Women suffering because of muscle cramps, during their menstruation cycle, can make use of this health benefit of thyme to get some relief. •The tea made using thyme herb, works as hangover remedies. •Thyme herb extracts can be used as a tonic or digestive aid. These extracts can also dissolve and expel mucus from the intestinal tract. •In case of respiratory conditions, such as asthma, laryngitis, whooping cough and bronchitis, you can obtain relief by using thyme herb remedies and benefits obtained, are in the form of soothed lungs and air passages. •Thyme herb is effective against the fungal or bacterial infections such as vaginal disease, scleroderma and skin diseases. •The tea of thyme herb is useful in combating fatigue, depression and stress. •Because of it's antiseptic properties, it can be used in the herbal remedies such as tea of thyme herb can be used for cleaning purposes and for eliminating fungus and bacteria. •Certain insects and pests cannot live near thyme plants. For this reason, you can plant thyme in your herb garden and keep these pests out. •Thyme herb is a good source of dietary antioxidants. The flavonoids, a type of chemicals, such as thymonin, luteolin, apigenin and naringenin, are present in thyme herb. These chemicals neutralizes free radicals of nitric oxide in the body. •Thyme is good source of minerals like iron, manganese and calcium. •Thyme is also useful in few other health conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, athlete's foot, halitosis. •Chemicals present in the thyme herb acts as anti-aggregant compounds. These chemicals prevent platelet aggregation stimulated by collagen, arachidonic acid and thrombin. The thyme herb is also known as the courage herb. In the past, its sprigs were used as the good luck charms. The thyme herb uses are many. If you favor certain recipes, plant thyme herb in your herb garden and use it while cooking to obtain its health benefits

serves 1 bottle
prep time 5 Min


  •   1 bottle
    glass decorative
    thyme or other selection of herbs
  •   1 bottle
    red or white wine vinegar to fill glass bottle above
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How To Make

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    Sterilize an empty bottle by boiling it. Select the wine vinegar of Your choice. Most people prefer white wine vinegar but some use red For more color. Avoid apple vinegar, as that will change the flavor Of your herbs. Pour the vinegar into the bottle using a plastic Funnel (a metal funnel may contain bacteria that would ruin your Vinegar). Next, choose the herbs you'd like to use. A variety is Fine. Add the herbs to the bottle until you achieve a look you like. Cap the bottle securely and set it in the sun for 2-3 weeks so the Vinegar absorbs the flavor of the herbs. If you prefer, you can cook It by gently heating on the stove instead. Add your personal tag and it's ready to give away or use in your own kitchen.

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