Pear/Raspberry Chanpagne Viniagrette

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By Lanie Avery
from Hampton, VA

Serve over Fruity Greenleaf Salad, also in my recipes. For the fruit juices, use baby food juice!

serves 8
prep time 20 Min


  •   2 c
    prepared champagne viniagretter, divided
  •   2 oz
    pear juice
  •   2 oz
    raspberry juice
  •   1/4 c
    feta cheese

How To Make

  • 1
    Combine 1 cup prepared champagne vinaigrette with 2 oz pear juice, 1/2 the feta cheese and whisk, in a separate bowl.
  • 2
    Do the same with the raspberry juice
  • 3
    Pour together as shown in above picture, but do not blend. Drizzle over salads.

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