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tracy's greatest pea salad ever

Recipe by
Tracy Joyner
Joplin, MO

Pea salad can be great--but frozen peas mixed w/Miracle Whip does not equal a pea salad that is worthy. Give this version a try and you will not be disappointed. Chewy bacon, fresh pop of peas, set off against tangy Miracle Whip and all in a 'backdrop' of the soft/creamy texture of hard-boiled eggs. I make this a couple of times each summer and can't manage to keep everyone out of it. We never have left-overs of it to deal with.

yield 10 -12
method Refrigerate/Freeze

Ingredients For tracy's greatest pea salad ever

  • 2 pkg
    frozen peas
  • 1
    dozen hard boiled eggs
  • 1 lb
    bacon--cooked crisp and crumbled
  • 1
  • black pepper
  • partial
    jar miracle whip or real mayonaise (your choice)

How To Make tracy's greatest pea salad ever

  • 1
    So this is your basic salad recipe..these are the things I do that I believe really make the difference in this recipe:
  • 2
    -empty the frzn peas into large colander and let stand in sink until they are thawed. It is ok to run water through them occasionally. Do not use partially frzn because as they thaw in the salad the water will seperate from the dressing making a sloppy mess.
  • 3
    -rough chop the boiled need to be fussy about them.
  • 4
    -use real bacon..Hickory Smoked is my favorite for this and I have used both thick cut and regular..both are good. Do Not use bacon bits in this instead of the real thing..the chewy bacon pieces really make this salad special Try cooking your bacon in the oven or microwave till crispy to make it easy.
  • 5
    -choose a sweet, mild onion..I have used vidalia or purple varieties. You don't want a harsh onion flavor for this. -add black pepper before mixing. If you add it after the dressing it won't be mixed well. I like a good amount of pepper but if using peppered bacon, I wouldn't add any at all. -use a grater or an electric chopper or food processor on pulse, to work up the onion. *This part is very makes the onion 'disappear' into the salad. There should be no bites or pieces to crunch on, just flavor.
  • 6
    -use your hands to mix so you don't smash the peas -mix ingredients only once before adding the dressing
  • 7
    I use a wooden spoon and a big jar of Miracle Whip and 'eyeball' it when adding the dressing. Start with 2-3 spoons then mix, using your hands, taste and adjust as necessary. (I think I usually end up using about 3 spoons) ..again-use your hands to mix so you don't smash the peas.
  • 8
    Make sure the onion gets distributed one wants to get a big, concentrated mouthful of onion when expecting chewy bacon.
  • 9
    Chill this salad right away and let the flavors marry 1-2 hours if possible. This will do fine on a potluck table for an hour but won't hold up to being left outside for 2-3 hours at a bbq.