Potato Salad (Cold)

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By K M
from Vancouver, WA

This is my own recipe. Everyone loves it so much that they say I should enter it in a contest! Now, I don't see how the ingredients are much different than anyone else, but as we all know: Not one potato salad is ever the same twice! Right? And you have to "LOVE" that potato salad when you are making it. Be happy and joyful the full time you are chopping and mixing. "Talk" to it and tell it how beautiful it is and how good it is going to taste and how happy everyone will be when they take that first bite! You will have the best salad ever---believe me!!

serves One potato and one hardboiled egg (if choose to use in recipe) serves one person.
prep time 1 Hr 30 Min
cook time 20 Min


  • One md
    or large boiled potato per person.
  • One md
    hardboiled egg per person if choose to use
  • One md
    celery stalk per person
  • One sm
    baby sweet gerkin pickle per person
  • 1/2 lg
    green onion per person
  • 1/6 sm
    yellow onion per person
  • One jar
    regular miracle whip only (no lowfat)
  • One bunch
    red radishes
  • dash
    salt (if want)
  • dash
    white pepper (if want)

How To Make

  • 1
    Wash potatoes really good first! Boil Potatoes in large soup pan with at least 0ne inch of water on bottom (check to be sure it doesn't go dry)with tight lid on for about 20 minutes or until done but still firm,not mushy(if you let them cook too long you will just have to make mashed potatoes out of them!! They will be no good for potato salad!!) Time depends on how many you have in the pan. Test with a very thin knife. Drain water. Let set until you can pick them up without burning yourself.
  • 2
    Boil eggs in your choice of pans(I use a Corning Ware dish with the glass lid set so each corner can let the steam escape. I think this helps the eggs from cracking) With eggs covered completely by water. Have heard all kinds of stories on how to keep the shells from cracking! Add Vinegar,etc. I put eggs in warm water then bring to a boil very slowly and let boil gently til done, This is a magical moment as as we all know--we don't want them runny and don't want them black inside--soooo--I say a little prayer over them and they seem to come out OK! When done drain water off and replace with ice cold water to cool. Now we all know that we have to be very careful with keeping eggs COLD! We don't want any spoilage or anyone getting sick!! If you are serving this in the warm weather I would suggest skipping the eggs! You don't want to sit in a hospital emergency room all night or your guests either!!!
  • 3
    Peel potatoes and cut lengthwise and then crosscut to make cubes--now everyone likes different sizes, but I prefer for this recipe to be smaller sizes as it won't mix that good if using big pieces. Put in BIG bowl as you will need plenty of room to mix all the ingredients.
  • 4
    Peel eggs and cut lengthwise and then crosswise in very small tiny pieces. PLEASE! No large pieces! (I can't help it if you like large pieces!) We don't want one ingredient overtaking another! Sprinkle over potatoes.
  • 5
    Wash and clean celery, Take each stock and slice lengthwise into at least 4 to 6 tiny strips then crosswise into tiny pieces. Add to bowl with potatoes and eggs (if using).
  • 6
    Slice the Gerkin pickles lengthwise and then crosswise into tiny pieces. Now--you may not want as tangy a taste! Use your own judgement on how many you want to add, but this is the ingredient that really MAKES this potato salad!! (Don't even think of using dill pickles in this!! If you want to do that then find another recipe!!) Add to bowl with other ingredients.
  • 7
    Wash green onions or if you prefer use the yellow onions (I only used the yellow when I first made this recipe in my early, younger years, but now older prefer a milder onion). Dry the green ones very good because you don't want any water added to the salad! Cut straight across into small pieces.If the white root is big also cut them into smaller pieces. If using the yellow onion crosscut into very small pieces. Add one or the other to the salad.
  • 8
    Lightly mix the ingredients with a big spoon. If you want to use any Salt(which you really don't need) or Pepper, sprinkle a small amount over the ingredients in the bowl. Get you COLD jar of Regular Miracle Whip and using a different spoon add enough dressing to FULLY COAT EACH AND EVERY INGREDIENT IN THAT BIG BOWL!!!! This is not a dry potato salad!! This is what makes it so good!! Make sure there is PLENTY of Miracle Whip mixed in because this is what spreads the flavor of all the ingredients together!!! Smooth top of salad flat.OK GIRLS! I KNOW YOU DON'T WANT THE FAT---BUT---WE ONLY EAT THIS ON SPECIAL OCCASIONS!! GIVE IT A BREAK ONCE IN AWHILE!!! Remember not to use low fat or nonfat Miracle Whip as it will totally ruin this potato salad!!!
  • 9
    Wash and clean Radishes. Slice straight across in thin pieces. Place on top of salad in a pretty pattern. I prefer not to put any Paprika on as I don't want the white salad turning reddish-pink! Cover with a clear plastic wrap. Place in fridge as fast as your little legs can run!! It's better, of course, very cold to serve. Hope you all enjoy this delicious salad!!

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