Mom's Secret Patato Salad

Craig Clark


My mother made this patato salad for years and tought me to make it. It has never been written down so I'll do my best, please forgive my spelling. I've never been good at that part. This recipe has a copule of secrets to it, but I don't think mom will care that I'm sharing it with you guys. Enjoy

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15 to 20 give or take


potatoes, medium (diced)
hard boiled eggs (diced)
whole dill pickels (diced)
large yellow onion (diced)
radishes, 1/4 and slice (this depends on size)
1 1/2 c
miracle whip
2 Tbsp
yellow mustard
3to4 Tbsp
dill pickle juice
salt & pepper to taste


1Boil Patatoes with skins on peal and dice later, peal with a sharp knife while sill warm. Boil eggs for 10 min once you see water start to boil start timing. This time will prevent eggs from turning green but get a good hard yoke. When eggs are done boiling drain and add to ice bath for easy pealing.
2While patatos and eggs are boiling prep other ingredients. In a large bowl place diced onion, pickels, and 1/4 & sliced radishes. After eggs have cooled dice into bowl then add Miracle Wip, Mustard & pickel juice. Mix gently so as not to break up eggs to much. After patatoes have cooled enough that you can handle them peal and dice into bowl. Mix well, add salt and pepper to taste. If it seams a little dry add a little more of the condiments and juice.
3For larger groups I add 1 egg for every 2 patatoes, same for pickels, 2 radishes and about a 1/4 more onion, add condiments to moisten well.

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