yummy pasta salad on a hot day

brenda hernandez


great for parties or pot lucks fun and very easy to make! and the radish mushrooms are the best everyone loved them and how they looked like mushrooms

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30 Min
30 Min


1 or 2 box
of multi spirl pasta
1 bunch
broccoli florets
1 bunch
1 large
red onion
3 medium
1 can(s)
black olives
1 1/2 bottle
italian salad dressing
1 or 2 large


1in a large pot bring water to boil for the pasta.
2while water is coming to a boil. wash you veggies, then cut broccoli into small pieces, slice red onion in half then slice into very thin slices, cucumbers slice in half and then cut into about 1/4 slices you may or may not leave all or some of the pealing on, i leave about 3 little strips on for color. open your black olive and drain well then cut olives in half. Carrots you can use your grader and grade them. take your radishes and cut both the root and the stems off then you will cut around the middle of the radish but do not cut all the way true then you will make a stem by cutting to the middle from the bottom. then when that is done cut just little spots off the red top till the white shows thru it will make the radishes look like red mushrooms and very decorative. set radishes to the side for the top of pasta when everything is well combined then place then on the top.
3by this time your water is boiling so put your pasta in till it is tender to the touch. when tender use a strainer and drain the water you can rinse off with a little cold water. When pasta is well drained then add it to the bowl of veggies you cut up. mix well then add your Italian salad dressing and mix well with the pasts and veggies. then place your radish mushrooms on the top. this is good the day you make it but for sure wonderful the next day. make sure you keep it in the fridge! Enjoy!!

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Course/Dish: Pasta Salads