Vegan lovers can enjoy

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By jamilah muhammad
from Rochester, NY

i did not eat meat or fish for 25 years i started when i got married now i do vegan & all meat dishes (but no pork )

serves 2-3
prep time 15 Min
cook time 35 Min


  •   1 large
    egg plant
  •   1 c
    veggie chesse
  •   4 clove
  •   1 large
  •   1 1/3 c
    bread crumbs, fresh
  •   1 large
    tomato sliced
  •   2 pinch
    salt and pepper
  •   1 pkg
    tofu, firm slice thin
  •   5
    whole jalapenos peper slice thin
  •   2 medium
    carrot, shredded
  •   1 pkg
    mix veggie
  •   1 pkg
    of salad

How To Make

  • 1
    stir fry the tofu in some olive oil, Slice tomato,onion,garlic,jalapenos all very thin slice egg plant at 1 1/2 inch dip in bread crumbs add salt & pepper, shred carrots, cook in a glass dish put 1/3 teaspoon olive oil in dish place breaded egg plant in dish then some cheese,carrot,jalapeno,garlic,onion,place tofu on top, then the rest of cheese,the tomatoes,& the rest of egg plant,& the balance of shredded carrots on top put in the oven for 20min on stove top in a lime/garlic sauce or real mango juice stew mix veggies 5/6min then serve with salad or you can also serve with brown rice enjoy

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