Garlic Shrimp salad

Marieta Chong


I made this recipe over 12 yrs ago when I started my diet...w/ over 12 main ingredients (including purple & green onions, cucumber, cilantro, dried yellow grapes, dried cranberries); but working full-time & commuting, I cut it down in half just to meet my daily vegetable intake. Sometimes I substitute the shrimp w/ baked chicken breast.

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30 Min
20 Min


5-7 sprig(s)
romaine lettuce;
egg – i boil 4 eggs that are good for a week, write “hard” on shell using a pencil & store back in egg case);
3-4 large
raw shrimps (peeled & deveined);
1/2 medium
red grapes, seedless is best;
1 Tbsp
olive oil;
1 medium
bulb of fresh crushed garlic;
1/4 tsp
cayenne pepper
1 medium
corn, raw (optional)
1 medium
beet, raw (optional)
1 Tbsp
roasted almonds/walnuts (optional)
2 Tbsp
ranch lite dressing or your favorite dressing
2 Tbsp
olive oil, extra virgin (optional dressing)
fresh lemon/lime juice (optional dressing)
1 small
bulb of garlic, crushed (optional dressing)
1 tsp
dried parsley (optional dressing)
dash salt & pepper (optional dressing)


1Cover eggs w/ cold water, turn on medium heat (water should boil after 7 mins. in small pot); turn off gas; cover for 15 minutes; then replace warm water w/ cold water, uncovered.
2Mix cayenne pepper & shrimp together. Pour oil in non-stick pan; lightly brown garlic, add shrimp & cook for 3 min.; cool & set aside.
3Wash lettuce, tear into pieces & place in salad spinner to dry.
4Cut tomatoes & grapes in halves & remove seeds, if any; place on a bed of lettuce.
5Optional corn/beets: Boil fresh peeled corn & 3 cups of water in microwave every 5 min. up to 15 minutes til corn is cooked (turn corn every 5 min.); also boil peeled beet (cut in half) w/ one cup of water in microwave, cook the same way as corn; cool & slice.
To roast nuts: In non-stick skillet, roast one cup of almonds/walnuts for 5 min.; cool & set aside. To add more flavor to nuts, add 1 tbsp. of brown sugar, dash cinnamon & salt; stir nuts til roasted & dry; place on plate/wax paper to cool; store in jar, label, & refrigerate left over.
6Add optional beet/corn, then shavings of carrot; top off w/ slices of egg, shrimps (may cut in halves to look more) & roasted nuts. Pour about 2 tbsp. of Ranch lite dressing or mix 2 Tbsp. olive oil, 1/2 fresh lime/lemon juice, 1 small bulb of fresh crushed garlic, dried parsley, salt & pepper.
7Serves 1 or 2

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