Kitchen Sink salad

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By Daniele Vargas
from Rockville, MD

Every Sunday morning, my mom and dad would make brunch for my little sister and I. Brunch was usually something light. Salad, crusty french baguette with butter and jam on the table. My dad would make the salad and he would put everything in it. Hence the name =D This is my version.

serves 6-8
prep time 30 Min


  •   1
    head romaine
  •   3
    large tomatoes
  •   1/2
    bag radishes
  •   2
  •   1/2
    bag mini carrots
  •   1-2
    bell peppers (your choice)
  •   1/2 lb
    broccoli florets
  •   1/2 lb
    cauliflower florets
  •   10-12
    stalks asparagus (leftover from dinner last night)
  •   1 c
    steamed green beans (leftover from last night)
  •   1/2 lb
    cooked steak (leftover from last night)
  •   1/2 lb
    chicken breast
  •   1 can(s)
    tuna fish with water
  •   1-2 c
    grated cheese (we liked greyre but us can use your fav cheese)
  •   4 Tbsp
    olive oil

How To Make

  • 1
    find the biggest bowl you own and chop all the veggies in to it.
  • 2
    Take all your meats and slice them up into small bite-size pieces. Now toss all of that into the bowl.
  • 3
    Now add the tuna with the water, the olive oil, the grated cheese and the croutons and toss everything.

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