Grandma's Banana - Pineapple Coleslaw

Colleen Sowa


What a way to get in your fruits and vegetables! Grandma knew best how to get us to eat our fruits and veggies!

This is an unusual and very tasty salad! When my dear grandmother made this for our big family... there was never any leftovers!

It is a pretty colorful salad that you can be proud to serve... and you can expect many compliments and people asking for the recipe!

*** If you are making this for a small family, just cut the recipe down...

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about 20 cups
55 Min


7 - 9 c
cabbage (shredded or chopped fine)
1 can(s)
pineapple (crushed, including juice)
1 small
can mandarin oranges (chopped with juice)
1 Tbsp
lemon juice
3/4 c
2/3 c
brown sugar
1/2 c
frozen orange juice concentrate
1 small
cool whip
bananas (chopped and tossed with pineapple and oranges)
each: red and green bell pepers (diced)


1Shred or chop the cabbage, put in large bowl or pan for mixing salad together. Set aside.
2put pineapple and chopped Mandarin oranges in a bowl (including juices). Add frozen orange juice, mayonnaise and brown sugar. Stir well until a nice sauce is made. Fold in the Cool Whip. Chop up the bananas and toss around in the fruits and juices (this helps meld flavors and prevent bananas from browning)
3Add the cabbage and red and green bell peppers. Stir and toss together until mixed well.

Put in a nice serving container. Cover. Refrigerate at least 20 minutes. Just before serving: stir and toss salad to give it a fresh mixed look. Serve family style or in little dishes.

*** You can garnish with maraschino cherries and Mandarin oranges if desired.

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