Grandma Josephine Zucco's Italian Orange Salad

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By Lynda Ann Haight
from Niagara Falls, NY

I have been enjoying this easy, fabulous recipe since I was a little girl! It always reminds me of my Beautiful Grandma Josephine Zucco. The best part of this recipe (not including it's delicious flavor); is the fact that it can be served with ANY main course...Beef/Fish/Chicken/Pork/ choose AND enjoy!

serves 6 or more
prep time 25 Min


  •   3 large
    navel oranges/use a few more depending on number to be fed...
    extra virgin olive oil/salt and pepper

How To Make

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    Peel and remove pith and seeds from 3 or more Navel oranges. Slice into 1/4 inch slices, and spread them in a single layer, filling a circular plate. Sprinkle Extra Virgin Olive Oil on each Orange (be generous, but don't drown them)! Sprinkle lightly with salt and go a little heavy on the pepper. Cover with Saran or plastic wrap, and refrigerate for several hours before serving!
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    OPTIONAL: You can sprinkle a small amount dry Oregeno on top for contrast/flavor if desired.

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