Fish with a Twist- Lemon Garnish

Pat Duran


I have had this article posted by "ravenous couple" from a magazine for a few years now and had posted it on another site- but did not know how to post the photos at the time so now I have this for you to try. Too cute!
Fish is commonly served with a wedge of lemon... but why just a wedge??Who's to say we can't be more creative?The next time you serve fish or just want a fum garnish for a party platter, try this cute and simple garnish.

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makes one fish garnish
10 Min


1 large
sharp paring knife
exacto knife or zestor with a large cutting end


1First cut a large wedge shape piece off one end of the lemon for the mouth.
Then cut about a 1/4 inch slice off the base to use as the fins.
Trim this base piece and cut little wedges in the fin and slice a small thin wedge on top of the fish and squeeze it in.
2Use the trimmed pieces from the fin to insert on the sides of the fish for the side gills.
Carve out some eyes with a zestor or an exacto knife(or draw some on with a sharpee).
Carve a lip with the zester, angling it to use only one edge.

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