Uses for Bar Soap

Stormy Stewart


included are uses for the garden, home and work shop.

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bar of soap


1~Drive nails easier with less risk of splitting the wood, by first rubbing it on the nail shank.
2~Keep garden bugs off plant leaves by mixing it with water and spraying the solution on the leaves' undersides.
3~Lubricate the metal rails of sticking desk drawers
4~Throw small slivers of soap into liquid soap dispensers to `disintegrate' and provide more liquid soap.
5~Handy Substitute for Hemline Chalk: A bar of soap works fine.
6~Keep Needles Rust Free: Stick them straight into a bar of soap.
7~Remove wallpaper glue by mixing with warm water and sponging it on the walls.
8~Turn screws more easily by dabbing it onto the threads.
9~Cut a straighter line with a handsaw by coating the blade with soap.
10~An Ideal Pin Cushion: Use a bar of soap. Makes sewing easier and needle just slides through hard material
11~To Open that Stuck Zipper: Rub the teeth with a bar of soap
12~Detect gas leaks by mixing it with water and rubbing it on suspect pipe joints; if bubbles form, you have a problem.
13~Place in the rows of a corn patch to deter deer

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