Woodbridge, VA

Kelly Kingett


We live about 40 miles south of Washington, DC. Although we do have room, we also have a very busy home, with things going on at all times, so we may not be the best B&B, in terms of quiet times and relaxation, but we could provide guidance on where to go and what to see in DC!

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guest bedroom with attached bath
pets, and can't have them around
on street parking
close to highway and shopping


1If you will be in the area, let me know.
2I can't promise that we'll be available, but ya' never know without trying!
3We have 5 children, but 1 is grown and on her own and two are in college, so that just leaves 2 at home with us!
4We have no pets, and due to allergies, we really can't have any in the house, much to our dismay.

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