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This is my first smoker for my gas grill. I have never used one in the past, so it will be a learning experience. Here are some tips in case you get one similar. I have hickory and mesquite chips. I'd love to find other types like apple and cherry. I must see if I can find any. I will post any recipes once I try them.

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metal gas grill smoker
3 c
smoker chips (not chunks)
1 large
bowl of water


1To use your smoker box, get a bag of wood chips such as mesquite or hickory. Don't use the chunks, they are too big and hard for the moisture to penetrate.
2Soak the chips for approximately 20 minutes or a full day. I'm going to do them over night to ensure they are soaked and I'm doing extra in case I want to add more. I can always dry them if I don't use them all and use them again.
3Fill the bottom of the metal box with your chips. A single layer should be plenty to begin with.
4Put the box in the barbecue and turn it on high. When the chips start to smoke put the meat on the grate of the grill or whatever you're using. The smoke should last around 20 minutes.
5What I read is one person started cooking the meat on the grill making sure the meat gets seared before the box starts smoking. Once the smoke starts to come out of the box, you can turn the grill down or shut it off (if the meat is almost cooked) Put the smoker box on the hot side of the grill and put the meat on the other side. With the meat seared and nearly cooked through, this is just to flavour the meat at this point.
6When the smoker is finished, remove the old chips, making sure they are totally extinguished. Even dump them in water if you aren't sure. Clean the smoker box of any burnt chips.
7Different types of chips you can use are:

Hickory: Its an all purpose wood, and good for pork or chicken.
Apple: Good for fish and fowl. The greener the wood the sweeter the smoke flavor will be.
Cherry, mulberry, pear and peach: are good for fish and poultry, including wild fowl.
Grapevine wood: is the same as for the fruit woods above.
Persimmon: is good for beef and pork and wild game
Sassafras: is good for fish and poultry

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