Uses for old panty hose

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This is a easy to use and very good advice for that soon to be extinct idem the "Panty hose"


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How to Make Uses for old panty hose


  1. Make grow bags. Simply fill the hosiery with compost and tie off. You can then cut holes where you want the plants to go, just like a normal grow bag.
  2. Create down pipe filters. If you collect rain water in a butt you can stretch a stocking over the end off the pipe to filter out leaves. It's then an easy job to remove the stocking with all the leaf debris inside.
  3. Stick soap in the sock. This is a brilliant idea if you have an outside tap. Pop a bar of soap into the toe of an old sock or pair of tights and tie next to the outdoor tap. After a hard days gardening, you'll be able to wash you hand with out getting earthy hand prints on your doors.
  4. Line hanging baskets. Chop the legs off a pair off tights and the panty section can be used as a hanging basket liner.
  5. Store bulbs or onions. This idea uses just the leg of a pair of tights. Pop an onion or bulb into the tight leg and tie a knot. Repeat until the leg is full. Your onion hanger can now be hung up. When you want an onion you can cut the bottom one free and leave the rest until needed.
  6. Tie plants. Strips of tights can be used to tie young plants to stakes. The stretchiness of the tights will stop the tie cutting into the plant as it grows. Although, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on tied up plants, especially the fast growers.
  7. Repel deer with bundles of human or pet hair. Collect hair clippings from the local salon or dog grooming parlor. Fill the foot sections of old pantry hose with the human hair, tie the end and hang the "hair sachets" where the deer like to snack. Replace the hair every week as it tends to lose the repellent scent.
  8. Make a firefly jar for a child. Fit a square of nylon pantyhose with a rubber band over the top of a plastic peanut butter jar.
  9. Pot plants with a piece of pantyhose in the bottom of the pot. Prevent soil from leaking while water drains freely.
  10. Create protective sleeves for melons to keep them up off the ground. Slide the new melons into the foot section of a leg of pantyhose. Tie it to a stake so that the melon isn't touching the ground. Eliminate ground rot, mold and invasion by insects.
  11. Storing onions and gift paper rolls:When you purchase onions in large quantities,slide them into a pantyhose.Separate each onion with a twist tie and hang them in a dry and cool place.Whenever you want an onion,remove a twist tie and use.This a good way to preserve onions for a long time.You can also store gift paper rolls in them.
  12. Deodorant stains: When you want to remove deodorant stains from clothes,roll a pantyhose into a small ball and rub into the stain.The stain will disappear after a short while.
  13. Scrub towel: Cut open a pantyhose and when you soap your back,use it to scrub your back gently.The texture works as great exfoliator for the back when you experience difficulties in using a loofah to reach there.
  14. It is a gentle scrubber so use it to clean glasses
  15. Soap bar holder/exfoliant - Drop a bar of soap into a leg of an old pair of panty hose and use it to store the soap and use the soap in the hose. The nylon will act as a gentle exfoliant on your skin.
  16. Clean bugs off a car - Wad up some panty hose and clean the grille of your car. The nylon is abrasive but gentle enough to not damage your car.
  17. Store rolls of wrapping paper - Put wrapping paper rolls in the legs of pantyhose for easy storage and to prevent damage to the wrapping paper.
  18. Store soap remnants - collect all the little remnants of soap that are too small to use and place them in the feet of panty hose. You can use them like a soap bar straight from the panty hose when you have enough collected.
  19. Deodorizer - Add some cat litter to the foot of the panty hose, cut it and tie it off and hang in an area needing deodorizing. The cat litter helps absorb the odors.
  20. Pond/pool skimmer - Pull open an old wire coat hanger and slide a panty hose leg over the hanger. Use to skim a backyard pond or pool.
  21. Roll out dough - Slide a rolling pin into the leg of a clean pair of panty hose. The nylon will prevent the dough from sticking to the rolling pin.
  22. Stuffing - Gather old panty hose and use to stuff homemade dolls or old and homemade pillows.
  23. Strain paint - Pour old lumpy paint through a pair of panty hose before using. The panty hose will strain the paint leaving clean lump-free paint.
  24. Apply wood stain - Place a folded strip of a pair of panty hose over a popsicle stick and use to get the hard to reach areas when staining furniture.
  25. Scrubber - Wad up a pair of panty hose and use to scrub sinks and tiles.
  26. Shoe buffer - Ball up a pair of panty hose and use to buff your shoes.

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