Folk Art Christmas Ornaments (netherlands)hollow Egg Scenes Recipe

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Folk Art Christmas Ornaments (Netherlands)Hollow Egg Scenes

sherrie parnell


The Dutch Settlers in America Decorated their Christmas Trees With Hollow Eggshells Filled with Miniature Scenes.It Is Also to the Dutch that Americans owe Their Santa Claus. When the dutch came to America in the Seventeenth Century,They Brought With Them The Tradition of SinterKlaas. And if you would ask my Great-Gram pearl Davenport, The Oral Tradition of Filled Wooden Shoes.that is some of What She Told My Grandmother Helen Searles To Tell Me About My Dutch Heritage. I Have Never made these Eggs But Would Like to One Day.

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transparent tape
curved manicure scissors
plaster of paris
acrylic paints
krylon spray fixative (or other permanent protective coating)
white glue-clear drying
miniature objects(look in hobby and craft shops and shops that sell doll- house items)
decorative trim-rickrack,lace,braid or yarn
long needle
colored cord or thread for hanging


1Step 1: Without removing the contents of the egg, use a pencil to draw a line where you want to make the oval opening. Place a strip of transparent tape over the penciled line to reinforce the shell before cutting.Step 2: Cut into the shell with curved manicure scissors, starting well inside the penciled line. work outward until you can cut along the penciled line without tearing the shell. do all the cutting while the shell is still moist. step 3:Remove tape, rinse inside shell, and let dry.Step 4:Mix a small amount of plaster of paris, about 1/4 cup, with enough water to make the plaster the consistency of thin pudding. Paint the inside of the shell with a thin coating of the plaster. Then fill the bottom of the shell with plaster up to the opening. Let dry for a day.Step 5:Paint the Inside of the egg with acrylic paints to create a setting, such as sky, grass and trees, for the miniature objects. Let Dry. The outside of the egg can also be painted with acrylic paints. If you prefer to leave the egg its natural color, spray it with the permanent protective coating to strengthen it. Step 6: Glue the miniature objects, no larger than 1 and 1/4 inches high, inside the egg. Let Dry. Step 7: Glue braid,ribbon,rickrack,lace,or yarn around the opening. this will also cover any jagged cutting edges on the egg.Step 8:To make a loop for hanging, pierce a hole through the shell and plaster while still wet with a needle. Run a double strand of colored cord or thread through the hole and knot so that the knot remains inside the shell.

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