Energy and spell work

Stormy Stewart


Energy is what everything is made of. It willingly lends it's self to you when asked, but repells those who push to take it without love in their hearts.

There are people who eminate energy who make you feel empowered and light. Welcome them with open arms.

Then there are those energy sucking people who steal it from you (usually in a fight). Those people leave you drained and exhaused. These are energy vanpires. Push them from your life. You can not maintain enough energy to do spell work if you are contantly leaking it to a energy vampire.


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How to Make Energy and spell work


  1. You raise the energy:

    First, you have to have energy to work with, the stronger, the better. The stronger your own energy, the more energy you will naturally be able to raise, direct, and handle. The more experienced you are, the easier this becomes. All of this is like working a muscle. The more you work with it, the stronger it becomes.
    For white magick (this is best to work with for newbies, black magick requires more experience and skill) you will more than likely want to use your own energy and connect with the working.
  2. You program the energy with your intention:

    Energy all by itself is pretty much neutral and inert. It will follow the path of least resistance. That is why we use "affirmations." "Affirmations" are short, to the point phrases in the present tense that are repeated to program the energy. The present tense must be used because energy does not have the reasoning power to understand "will happen." "Will" can be at any time.

    For example: You don't want to say "_____ will come to me." Instead, you want to say "________IS coming to me."

    Energy does not have the reasoning power as to *HOW* what you want is coming to you. Energy takes the path of least resistance, unless it is programmed. For example, many of you want more money. Don't just affirm "Money is coming to me." This could manifest, if undirected, say on a job where you handle money, like a cashier for example, or through your paycheck, as usual. That is the easiest way. You have to further affirm: "Large amounts of free and easy money are coming to me." "This money is all mine to keep and spend as I wish." You also should affirm "in a very positive and happy way for me." You don't want a loved one to die and leave you an inheritance or get the money in a way that would be unpleasant.

    So your affirmation would go something like this: "Large amounts of free and easy money are coming to me, This money is all mine to keep and spend as I wish. This money is coming to me in a very positive and happy way for me."
    Affirmations should be repeated with intent, five to ten times or more, in your mind. You can also visualize energy as with step three, throughout the day and state your affirmations a few times to reinforce the working.
  3. You direct the energy:

    When you begin directing the energy, you should continue to program it, while you visualize it doing what you want it to do.

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