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When i first made these, I couldn't believe how easy it was!

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1Whip as many eggs as you want but make sure you know how many so you can add amount to label.
2You can either use a non stick skillet and cook up a few eggs until no moisture is left and egg is firm and done; but, do it at a very low amount of heat. Do NOT burn or brown. You will need to watch...after egg is completely cooked
3take out of skillet and cut up in small pieces. Put pieces in either a 'bullet' blender or regular blender. Process until completely powdered. Bullets work really well! Put powdered egg(s) in a vacuum sealer bag or a mylar bag for long term use. I have some in a small pint canning jar to use in the now, just because. I keep a piece of Saran 'Press and Seal' Wrap over the jar for good sealing (keeping as much oxygen out as possible)and close metal lid. Put in dry, cool area for storage. If using Mylar bags don't forget an oxygen absorber. It should last for 6-9 months or longer. Check every so often!
4Hint#1 ** There are other methods of cooking the eggs; Scramble egg and make a foil bowl and put egg into oven.(after cutting up) for 10 hours at 170F degrees. When making labels add date also.

Hint #2** This type of egg is great for baking!

Put in Magic bullet when ready for powdering and use as you need an egg....

Hint #2** Don't forget to label your bags or jars; especially don't forget how many eggs you have dehydrated and powdered. 2 Tablespoons of dry mixture = 1 egg

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