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I try to keep up on cleaning my water cooler. Recently i was tasting and smelly a musty oder in my water, I kno the dangers of mold. I had been using a DIY cleaning method I found online. Still i was smelling this oder and specks of white film where despencing out. So after finding out more hidden dangers I did more exploring, Put together my own solution to my problem. Today Im happy w/my results. My water has never been clearer and better tasting, and I also used this method on my coffee maker.

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baking soda
club soda

How to Make Clean Water Cooler


  • 1The dangers of mold and mildew. If You have the time google dangers, and causes of illnesses even death.
  • 2Empty and unplug cooler.
    Heat 1 cup vinegar add to cooler add 1 more cup water w/2 tbs baking soda let sit for 2 hours. Empty Repeat vinegar process save a bucket of vinegar water baking soda and clean rag to wipe inner resevour and outside of cooler along with wiping and cleaning spouts (i actually used q-tips to clean out spouts)
  • 3After 2 cleanings keep fillin water resevour with warm water and emptying in bucket, prolly going to take repeating 5-6x. You will see all the stuff it releases.
  • 4My finale step. I add a bottle of club soda and let sit for hour. empty and repeat filling with water step 2-3x. Might take a day or 2 but well worth the safety of you and your family.

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