Baby bouquet using baby sox

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These are so easy to make and such a pleasure to recieve. recipe pinched from

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pair baby sox
double-sided tape
craft wire
fake leaves, ribbon. flower spiggots for centers found in craft supply stores


1Separate six pairs of infant socks in pastel colors of your choice coinciding with the gender of the baby. Fold the flat bottom of one sock 1/4 inch up toward the top, allowing the toe of the sock to extend beyond the foot of the sock to create a raised rosebud. Continue rolling the sock to the end, forming the inner, swirled section of a rosebud.
2Invert the opening of the sock around the rolled portion to secure the rose in place. The sock rose may look similar to a sock ball used when folding laundry, with the toe sticking up out of the ball. Secure the elastic top fold with double-sided tape and modify the inner rose section to your liking by pulling the center out a bit.
3Cut a 12-inch length of green craft wire with craft scissors or wire cutters. Thread one end of the wire up into the bottom of the sock bud. Wrap floral tape around the sock and wire creating the bottom of a rosebud and the beginning of a stem.
4Twist a 3-inch piece of craft wire to each leaf stem. Wrap each faux green leaf to the craft wire and wrap floral tape around the entire length of the craft wire to secure the leaves in place and create a thicker stem.
5Repeat the process with each infant sock. Arrange in a decorative vase with faux fern, leaf or other greenery stems. Tie a bow with ribbon around the base of the vase matching the colors of the socks.

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