Ascorbic Acid Vit C- fruits from turning brown

Susan Cutler


For preserving fruit, I buy ascorbic acid in the Vitamin C pill form in the pharmacy of my local grocery store.

**keeps fruit from browning through oxidation - my apples in my apple-cran pie filling recipe stayed so white...I was so pleased!

I only have done Water Bath Canning and this totally works. I am sure a lot of you already use this process.

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vitamin c tablets


1I crush up the amount of VITAMIN C TABLETS needed (3000 mg ascorbic acid to 1 gallon water) and dissolve the tablets in water.

I then soak the fruit in the water for about 10 minutes or more. This works wonders in preserving the natural colors and preventing oxidation -- and it's HEALTHY to use!!
2Use it for apples or any fresh firm fruit!

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